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The First & Original Business Virtual Assistant ® Company Since 2019

Finish Work Before 5 O'Clock

We consult small businesses, multimedia, real estate, & legal professionals on how they can utilize a Business Virtual Assistant ® (BVA), Multimedia Virtual Assistant ® (MVA), or Legal Virtual Assistant ® (LVA) to improve workflow, save time, and make more money by delegating office tasks to our Virtual Assistants.

Trained Professionals

Our independent Business Virtual Assistants ® (BVAs), Multimedia Virtual Assistants ® (MVAs), and Legal Virtual Assistants ® (LVAs) are professionally trained, vetted, & required to have prior experience in business, multimedia, and legal fields before getting started with us.

Only $8 An Hour

Our pricing is the lowest in the industry at $8 per hour with no contracts and no setup fees. If your assistant isn't perfect we'll find you one that fits just right. That's what Pineapple Virtual Assistant Agency can fix for you.

No Long-Term Commitment

Our Pineapple Virtual Assistant Agency bills weekly, every Monday. No contracts or setup fees. Cancel anytime, simple as that.

Work With The Same Person

You can have the same dedicated Virtual Assistant working alongside you every day; building familiarity, brand consistency, and team work.

Top-Tier Talent

Every Pineapple VA applicant is rigorously vetted, tested, and trained through our in-house pipeline. Our fine tuned applicant process results in highly qualified, professional, and effective Virtual Assistants; leaving you happy at the end of each day with more work accomplished.

Get Help Quickly

Receive candidates for interview in just a day or two. Add more Virtual Assistants as needed or downsize at any time, no strings attached.

We Work Within All Business Specialties

If you're a business owner, entrepreneur, multimedia personality, legal professional, real estate agent, education professional, staffing specialist or any other field - we are here to help.

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    Business Virtual Assistant®

    Increase workflow, time management, and profit by removing the burden of administrative tasks, sales & marketing, customer service, and considerably more through your very own BVA!

  • multimedia virtual assistant

    Multimedia Virtual Assistant®

    Need some creative design help with your brand? Bring your company’s vision to life with fresh graphic design, digital marketing, web design, photo, video & audio editing, and much more with a dedicated MVA!

  • legal virtual assistant

    Legal Virtual Assistant®

    Free up your time from pedantic tasks to focus on growing your law firm with an LVA. With demonstrated experience in the legal field, our LVAs can handle many of your clerical, secretarial, and basic legal document tasks!

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Work With Real People, Virtually

Who Are Our Clients?


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Lawyers & Legal Professionals




Real Estate Professionals




Home Builders & Construction


Service Based Business


Brick & Mortar


Small Business Owners

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Guilt-Free Outsourcing

100% of our independent Virtual Assistant talent pool is based in the Philippines - a beautiful country known for a friendly, hard-working labor force.

By working with Pineapple, you are providing steady work and a higher standard of living to Filipino families.


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