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Foundational Training

Our Multimedia Virtual Assistants™️ (MVA®) are trained extensively in creative multimedia software and graduate from a specialized  training pipeline to hone their skills.

All MVAs have experience in one or more of the following: video editing, script writing, animation, illustration, graphic design, photo editing, web design, sound design, music production, voice talent, and more.

The Same Person

After reviewing our database of qualified professional profiles, our clients are able to pick and choose who they would like to work with. They can work with the same independent Multimedia Virtual Assistant™️ every day or with a team of MVAs, as they wish.

Familiarity, consistency, and specific workflow is key. This allows our clients to build a long-term fruitful working relationship with their MVA.

Security & Time Tracking

Our vetting process requires MVA candidates to undergo and pass strict computer security / technical audits to ensure the safety of sensitive information.

We track and monitor all of our Multimedia Virtual Assistants™️ productivity with an online time tracking software, tracking mouse movements and keyboard activity only during their scheduled shift. Our clients have access to this as well and can check in whenever they like. They also send tailored End Of Day reports (EODs) to your specifications.

Get The Help You Need

Multimedia Virtual Assistants™️ come with virtually no overhead attached compared to an in-person worker who requires space, equipment, and amenities. This can have a large positive impact on your business!

Our pricing is $8 per hour with no contracts and no setup fees.

They Are Real Time Savers

Multimedia Virtual Assistants™️ provide a further benefit as the workload is lessened on your in-house staff; allowing your staff to be freed up to concentrate on income generation with ambitious projects you previously didn't have the time for. This increased productivity can lead to increased wages and bonuses for your staff, boosting morale and maximizing the level of customer service being delivered.

Reduce The Pedantic Workload

The presence of a fully trained Multimedia Virtual Assistant™️, means that your creative staff will have the opportunity to delegate daily multimedia-related requirements and focus on big picture goals.

Our multimedia team-augmenting solution allows your brand or business to provide better service and content, reducing the stress on you and your in-house staff, eliminating mistakes from focusing on too many things at once!


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