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In Demand Virtual Assistant Skills

Lower Labor Cost

An excellent way to get things done faster with better cost efficiency than hiring in-person employees.

In Demand Virtual Assistant Skill Presentation Making

Increased Productivity

Boost your productivity with the help
of an expert, you can accomplish more without sacrificing quality.

In Demand Virtual Assistant Skill -Social Media Management

Improved Focus

Focus on what really matters for your business, no longer will "busy work" distract you from your goals!

In Demand Virtual Assistant Skill - Time Management

Greater Flexibility

Working with a Virtual Assistant is the perfect solution for those who want to have a balanced life and business.

Experience the sweet taste of sucess

From scheduling and email management to research and data entry, we're here to help take your business

Business Virtual Assistant®

Increase workflow, time management, and profit by removing the burden of administrative tasks, sales & marketing, customer service, and considerably more through your very own BVA!

Multimedia Virtual Assistant®

Need some creative design help with your brand? Bring your company's vision to life with fresh graphic design, digital marketing, web design, photo, video & audio editing, and much more with a dedicated MVA!

Legal Virtual Assistant®

Free up your time from pedantic tasks to focus on growing your law firm with an LVA. With demonstrated experience in the legal field, our LVAs can handle many of your clerical, secretarial, and basic legal document tasks!

What are the biggest benefits of having a Pineapple Virtual Assistant?

Only $8 An Hour

We have the most competitive price-per-hour in the Virtual Assistant industry. There are no long term contracts or setup fees, you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

Trained Experts

We provide foundational, intensive, in-house training to our Virtual Assistants, building on their versatility to help your business grow in ways you may not have thought of!

Matched To Your Needs

We find the best fit VAs to match your requirements by reviewing skills & experience, personality & work style, initiative & resourcefulness.

Same Person Everyday

Once you pick a VA that matches your requirements, you can work with the same dedicated person every day, on your work schedule, and your work style.

Save Money & Time

Cut costs by hiring a Pineapple VA! If your VA isn't a good fit for your business, we'll find you a new one that is. You aren't charged for swapping and selecting a new VA, or the wait time in-between.

Dedicated Admin Support

You will also have a dedicated Client Account Manager familiar with your business and requirements. You can reach out to your CAM at any time to get some help ASAP.


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