Our founder recognized a critical need of high-quality professionals in healthcare and business, needing virtual assistance across all industries.

Hello Rache was officially launched, providing highly qualified Healthcare Virtual Assistants (HVAs) to medical clinics and small businesses around the United States.

Pineapple Staffing was conceptualized and modeled after our sister company, Hello Rache. We launched in 2019 with the mission of catering to all industries and small businesses.

We revised and retooled our services across the board, applying all we had learned in 3 short years. Rebranding to "Pineapple" reflects how we have grown and matured as a company and family.

Our Story

Since our inception in 2017, we have been and always will be a family owned small business. Before coming to the United States to attend medical school, one of our founders is originally from the beautiful archipelagic country of the Philippines. She continues to maintain a strong & lifelong connection, which is why all of our talented virtual assistants are located in the Philippines. Our family will continue to foster this amicable USA/Philippines relationship, enabling an improved quality of life to our Virtual Assistants and their families while providing high-quality services to our clients through what we call "guilt-free outsourcing". 

The pineapple was chosen for our name and logo, as it is a sweet tropical fruit that represents our Filipino Virtual Assistants as well as our family heritage. Everyone knows that a pineapple has the sweetest and most exotic taste but it requires a lot of time, love, and patience to grow healthy. Once a pineapple is ripened, getting to the sweet core also takes a lot of work, effort, and a little technique to enjoy efficiently, similar to our family's work philosophy. We hope that you will join our Pineapple "Pinya Family" to share and enjoy the "sweet taste of success" all around, for many years to come!

Our Core Values

Client-First Approach

We put emphasis on satisfying our client's needs. We take great care in providing you with the right virtual assistant that can help scale your business.

Delivering Value

We work hard in ensuring we add value to our clients and virtual assistants. We prioritize the needs of our team and clients to help promote growth and well-being.

Service + Success

We take pride in offering services done quickly, reliably, and consistently for our client's satisfaction. At Pineapple, our success is measured by our clients' successes.

Transparency and Trust

We strive for transparency in everything we do. We are honest and straightforward making sure you get above and beyond on what you paid for.

Accountability Partner

We will be your partner in business and life! We hold each other accountable and deliver on expectations without fail!

Strong Family Culture

We operate in a strong family culture that always strives for the greater good. Pineapple is family owned promoting teamwork and long-term growth.

Meet Our Pineapple Family

Mak Carnett
Mark Carnett, DO

Founding Physician & CEO

Teresa Carnett, DPM

VP of Training Development

Chris Carnett
Chris Carnett

General Manager /
Multimedia Services Director

productivity tips for small business owners
Daniel Carnett

CMO/VP of Business Development

Ms. Meg
Megan Powell

Chief Operations Officer

Nick Powell

Chief Information Officer

scott (2)
Gregg Powell

Director of IT

scott (3)
Ana Carnett

Director of Training & Development

Scott Carnett

Director of Business Development

Recyl Gabriel
Recyl Gabriel

Director of Recruiting

Ayeesha Ong
Ayee Ong

Account Manager

Ari Ople

Junior BVA Account Manager

work with a virtual assistant agency
Annika Marayag

Quality Assurance Specialist

Marva Therysse Sazon
Marva Sazon

Quality Assurance Specialist

blog productivity
Gian Labrador

MVA Training Manager

Lerie Sebelo
Lerielyn Sebelo

Client Account Manager

Belinda Jane Endrano
Belinda Endrano

Recruitment Specialist

Jenica Romobio

Billing & Payroll Manager

Jae Dela Cruz

Junior Q.A. Specialist

4.4.4 Prmo
Zia Susas

LVA Training Specialist

Keith Alimon

Client Account Manager

benefits of automation
Cef Ong

Recruitment Specialist


IT Operations Support Technician

Kenan Magan
Kenan Magan

Sales Manager

Krystal Villegas
Krystal Villegas

Senior Client Account Manager

con of hiring a virtual assistant
Charlene Carascon

Client Relations Manager

Ralph Ercilla
Ralph Ercilla

Branding Design Specialist


 IT Operations Specialist

Diane Arandia

Sales Specialist

benefits of being a virtual assistant
Viesca Gandalera

Client Account Manager

Dom De Leon
Dominique De Leon

Recruitment Specialist

Izza Glino

Digital Marketing Specialist


IT Operations Support Technician

Jordan Marayag
Jordan Marayag

BVA Training Manager

Loraine Arceno
Raine Arceno

Client Account Manager

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Business Owners During Tax Season
Mac Cantos

Recruitment Specialist

Zabrine Bonoan

SEO Specialist/2D Artist



To apply as a Pineapple VA, simply submit your online application.



Our recruitment team will screen your application. Once you passed the screening, a recruitment specialist will reach out to you with the details of your interview schedule.



You will have a one-on-one interview with one of our Recruitment Specialists. Once you passed the interview, you need to complete and pass a written assessment before we schedule you for system audit.


Certification Program

You need to complete and pass our 2-week certification program. This follows a graveyard shift from 10 PM to 6 AM Manila time. You will be evaluated based on your attendance, behavior, participation, and the quality of your output from the given activities.

Client-VA Matching

Graduates from the program will be a Certified Virtual Assistant of Pineapple. You will be matched with a client based on your profile and skill set. We will be with you from the start until you are paired with an ideal client.


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