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Benefits of a Virtual Assistant Recruiter

The recruitment industry has never been bigger, but this also means it’s a highly competitive sector. Therefore, it’s important for your business to make those small gains which, over time, can give you a big lead over your competition. And this is exactly where an amazing recruitment assistant can help you. The problem is, that they can be costly and difficult to find. But there’s a solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of a virtual assistant recruiter.

Now, you may be aware of the recent rise in the popularity of virtual assistants. But you may not know that recruitment assistants are part of this exciting landscape. This means that your recruitment strategies, as you know them, could be missing out on a huge boost in productivity. And that’s why we’ve decided to put together a guide on the benefits of a virtual assistant recruiter.

What is a Virtual Assistant Recruiter?

Much like any virtual assistant, a virtual assistant recruiter can be defined by one key trait: they don’t need to commute to your business every day to work on recruitment strategies. This is a situation made possible by advances in internet technology.

Thanks to high-speed internet connections, your employees can now connect themselves directly to you from anywhere in the world. And these connections are seamless. So, even if your virtual assistant recruiter clicks their mouse on the other side of the world, it’s as if they are doing so in your office.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Recruiter Do?

A virtual assistant recruiter is almost identical to their traditional in-house counterpart. This means that they can take on almost any task you would need to delegate to them. In particular, they are highly skilled at completing the following:

What Can a Virtual Assistant Recruiter Do?

Job postings:

A crucial responsibility of any recruitment assistant is to create compelling and accurate job listings. And this is exactly what a virtual assistant recruiter gets up for in the morning. Thanks to their creativity and marketing skills, they know how to design accurate job listings tailored to specific roles.

By using relevant keywords and strategically posting across online platforms at the right time, they can attract a strong and diverse pool of candidates.

Sourcing candidates:

A virtual assistant recruiter can use multiple strategies to source and identify potential candidates. Using a combination of online databases, social media platforms, professional networks, and industry-specific resources, a virtual assistant can easily source a rich pool of talent to be put forward for job opportunities.

This approach is strengthened by an excellent knowledge of advanced search techniques e.g. keyword optimization and an understanding of online search systems. This ensures that you are able to find the best candidates to match the organization’s hiring needs.

Checking resumes:

It’s important that resumes are meticulously screened to identify candidates who are a perfect fit for a job opening. This involves significant analysis of the candidates’ employment histories, education, experience, and skills. It’s a time-consuming duty, but also vital to ensure that only the most suitable candidates are put forward for consideration. Therefore, when it comes to the interview stage, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the most suitable candidates for the job.

Interview scheduling:

A virtual assistant recruiter is the perfect person to turn to when it comes to scheduling interviews between candidates and hiring managers. Using their highly-tuned organizational skills, they can liaise with all the parties involved to find suitable time slots and ensure that the interview process runs smoothly. This means that there are no unwanted scheduling conflicts which could lead to a delay in the recruitment process being completed.

Communicating with candidates:

Managing candidate communication is an important part of a virtual assistant recruiter's role. They need to maintain an open and accurate dialogue with candidates throughout the recruitment process, ensuring candidates are informed about their application status, interview schedules, and feedback.

Not only will this help to foster a positive candidate experience, but it also enhances the reputation of the employer’s brand. It’s a classic win/win scenario and delivers a smoother, more successful recruitment process.

Candidate database management:

A virtual assistant recruiter will easily be able to handle the management of your candidate databases. By systematically organizing and filtering the data in these databases, a virtual assistant recruiter will be able to quickly identify candidates who are suitable for a specific role.

This enhances the efficiency of the recruitment process and ensures that only the best candidates are put forward. Management of these databases also extends to inputting and updating candidate data, a duty that makes sure these candidates are visible for future job opportunities.

Verify references:

It’s essential that all candidates are able to provide reference checks to help underpin their skills, experience, and character. However, these references need to be verified. And this is where a virtual assistant recruiter can step in.

They can initiate contact with provided references, often former employers or supervisors. Then use a structured interview approach to gather insights into the candidate's work history, performance, and character. This process allows organizations to make more informed hiring decisions and minimize any mismatches between candidates and roles.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Assistant Recruiter?

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Assistant Recruiter?

It’s clear to see that a virtual assistant recruiter can make a significant contribution to your recruitment efforts. But it’s also clear that these tasks can easily be handled by their in-house counterpart.

Therefore, for a virtual assistant recruiter to represent value to your organization, they need to be able to give you something extra. The good news is that they come packed full of benefits and opportunities such as:

Substantial cost savings:

As virtual assistants work remotely, there’s no need for you to invest in expenses such as office space, utilities, and equipment. Additionally, you’re not responsible for providing benefits like health insurance, vacation pay, or retirement contributions.

This means that businesses are able to operate more cost-efficiently, and the savings in operating costs can be as high as 78%. And, moving forwards, this provides you with more funds to invest in critical areas of growth and innovation.

Increased flexibility:

A virtual assistant recruiter provides unparalleled flexibility in terms of their duration with your organization. They are available on a number of different contracts. Such as project-by-project, hourly hires, or part-time hours – they represent a highly adaptable form of employment.

This allows you to customize the virtual assistant’s role to suit your specific needs. Additionally, by having virtual assistants in different time zones, you enhance your productivity by being able to offer 24/7 coverage.

Time savings:

One of the biggest benefits of working with a virtual assistant recruiter is that they save you time and lessen the administrative load on your shoulders. Remember, burnout is on the rise in business. So having someone to relieve this burden is a major benefit to your team.

Accordingly, the presence of a virtual assistant allows you to delegate tasks. Such as scheduling interviews and checking resumes, and this allows you to concentrate on more critical objectives and business activities.

Access to global talent:

One of the major drawbacks of working with a local employee is that you are limiting your reach, which means you are less likely to find the perfect recruitment assistant. However, a virtual assistant can, as long as they have an internet connection, work for your organization from anywhere in the world. This immediately opens you up to a global pool of talent. Which allows you to choose from the very best employees.

 Fully trained:

The beauty of a virtual assistant recruiter is that they come fully trained in their chosen niche. Therefore, minimal training is required to get them up and running with your recruitment processes. This allows you to be confident that they can start tackling your workload from day one, and it also means that there’s no need to involve existing employees in intensive training schedules.

It's Time to Bring a Virtual Assistant Recruiter on Board

A virtual assistant recruiter isn’t just someone who can complete a number of duties, they also represent a whole world of benefits that can help transform your business. And this is why the virtual assistant market is experiencing a huge rise in popularity with businesses. Accordingly, you don’t want to get left behind and miss out on the opportunity of securing that world-class recruitment assistant.

But where do you start? After all, how do you get in touch with a virtual assistant who lives in a different time zone on the other side of the planet? It’s not easy, and these contacts are incredibly hard to secure and filter down into those who can truly deliver. Thankfully, Pineapple has already done all the hard work for you. As a result, there’s no need to conduct a painstaking search, you can simply come directly to the source.

At Pineapple, we have spent several years developing contacts with virtual assistants who stand out as best-in-class employment solutions. And we’re ready to share these contacts with you. So, if you feel like taking a step into the 21st century and revolutionizing your approach toward employment, just click here to start chatting with us.

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