Best Bookkeeping Tools for Virtual Assistants

Best Bookkeeping Tools for Virtual Assistants

The life of a virtual assistant is highly rewarding thanks to the opportunities and flexibility offered by the position.

However, these positions are often niche, and being a virtual bookkeeper is the best example of this. The sheer range of financial tasks that this role requires you to master is immense on its own. And that’s before you start to get your head around the US tax system.

Thankfully, if you equip yourself with the best bookkeeping tools, you should find you can deliver like a professional.

What Are the Best Bookkeeping Tools?

Understanding how to be the best virtual bookkeeper you can be is crucial to your success in the role. Therefore, as well as dedication and professionalism, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Luckily, digital age means there’s a whole world of helpful tools to give you that competitive edge:

Best Bookkeeping Tools list


Considered one of the very best bookkeeping tools. Xero is a cloud computing account solution which is perfect for virtual bookkeepers.

Bursting with features, Xero connects virtual assistants with the financial data of their employers and allows them to complete accounting tasks with ease. So, for example, if you need to send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, process expenses and generate reports, Xero can help you do this remotely.

Best of all, Xero is available for every device, platform and operating system, so you can rest assured it is always available.


Found within small to medium sized organizations, FreshBooks is an accounting package with a range of tools which every bookkeeper needs.

FreshBooks brings a level of simplicity to a complex industry, centered around budgeting and forecasting. Not only can invoices be created with just one click of a button, but you can also record payments in an easy to display format and generate recurring invoices.

An intuitive accounting platform, FreshBooks allows virtual bookkeepers to complete accounting tasks across a wide range of devices from anywhere in the world.


Created by Intuit, QuickBooks is an accounting suite which contains all the best bookkeeping tools available.

Aimed at small businesses, QuickBooks allows virtual bookkeepers to be more productive thanks to the innovative automation on offer e.g. creating recurring invoices and processing bill payments. But

QuickBooks does much more than automate your accounting tasks. As well as downloading statements from your organization’s bank account, QuickBooks also gives you the opportunity to manage your tax filing, generate balance sheets with the minimum of fuss and even take care of payroll duties.

Zoho Books:

Part of Zoho’s online accounting ecosystem, Zoho Books is an attractive proposition for virtual bookkeepers. Accessible remotely, and through various devices and operating systems.

Zoho Books is a fantastic accounting solution for small to medium businesses. Boasting numerous features, Zoho Books gives virtual bookkeepers access to tools such as vendor management, automated workflows, expense tracking, custom invoices and recurring transactions.

Affordably priced, Zoho Books is also renowned for its excellent customer service and round the clock support, which is perfect for virtual assistants in different time zones.


Well known as the entrepreneur’s favorite accounts package. Wave is another cloud-based platform which allows access from anywhere in the world on any device.

With a focus on service-oriented business, rather than inventory-based businesses. Wave is the preferred choice for startups with a low budget. Thanks to Wave’s design, virtual bookkeepers will find that their daily tasks are streamlined, a scenario which makes them more productive.

And, with Wave on your side, you will be able to generate invoices, bill customers, process credit card payments and carry out high quality finance management.


When it comes to automating your accounts payable and receivable processes, Bill is one of the best bookkeeping tools you can reach for.

Available on all the major operating systems and devices – complete with mobile app for those on the move – Bill brings many accounting features to the table. Unique invoices can be created and tailored through the platform’s customizable templates, payment tracking can easily be set up and monitored while Bill’s automated invoices combine with auto-pay/charge tools to create a seamless accounting experience.


Perfect for businesses where most of their activity is in the e-commerce niche. Settle promises to tame your cash workflow and is suitable for small to medium organizations. Containing everything a virtual bookkeeper needs within one package. Settle is available remotely and on every device you can think of. Therefore, no matter where you are in the world, you can access Settle to:

  • complete ACH (bank to bank) payments
  • make payments in several different methods (wire transfer, electronically and even paper checks)
  • and, rather helpfully, integrate Settle with accounting tools such as QuickBooks and Xero for a powerful accounting experience.


With over six million users worldwide, Sage is clearly one of the most popular bookkeeping tools available. As such, it makes sense for a virtual bookkeeper to align themselves with this accounting solution. Fantastic for tax filing – it allows you to print off tax forms and automatically updates changes to tax codes.

Sage is a powerhouse when it comes to accounting thanks to features. Which includes:

  • simplified cash flow management
  • the ability to link bank accounts
  • automated invoicing processes
  • inventory management
  • and third-party software integration

Available on all major operating systems, Sage grants quick and easy access to financial tasks for virtual bookkeepers.

Become the Best Virtual Bookkeeper

Becoming a successful virtual bookkeeper is far from straightforward as, after all, it’s a competitive and complex industry. Nonetheless, the path to success is more than achievable if you know which route to take. And it all starts by equipping yourself with the best bookkeeping tools we’ve covered in this article. With these tools mastered, you will discover that complicated tasks is easier than you ever imagined.

The next step, of course, is finding a virtual bookkeeper position where you can demonstrate your skills and abilities. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far as this is where Pineapple steps in. With our vast range of contacts across the bookkeeping industry, we can easily connect you with an amazing employer. Get in touch with us here today!

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