5 Ways You Can Use a Virtual Assistant In Your Property Management Company

5 Ways You Can Use a Virtual Assistant In Your Property Management Company



Property management is one of the most exciting and rewarding niches to be involved with. But it’s far from easy. In fact it’s one of the most demanding sectors to tackle on a daily basis. Sure, the thrill of the challenge certainly acts as a motivational tool, but does it need to be this hard? There’s a quick and simple answer to this: NO!

To maximize the potential of your property management company you need a little help. And this help comes in the form of a property management virtual assistant. Business is changing in the 21st century and virtual assistants are at the forefront of this new landscape. And you need to remember that these are big headlines in the world of business. Your competitors are, no doubt, already evaluating the situation. It’s even possible that they have already started taking advantage of hiring virtually. And the last thing you want to do is fall behind your competitors.

But what is a property management virtual assistant? And what exactly can they bring to your organization? These are important questions. And they are questions that you need to know the answers to. But there’s no need to spend hours trawling through Google for the answers. We’ve already got them covered for you.

What is a Property Management Virtual Assistant?

You’ve no doubt employed and dealt with many property management assistants over the years. And the routine has always been the same. Each and every morning they have travelled to your office. Following a quick cup of coffee, they have settled at their desk and began to tackle the daily workload. Finally, at the end of the day, they head home with their fellow employees.

A property management virtual assistant is very similar. But they differ in one key area: physical presence. And the main factor behind this is down to the fact that they don’t need to travel to your office. The rapid growth and development of internet technology has revolutionized the way in which we connect with each other. And this has been the major driving force behind the rise of virtual assistants.

No longer do employees need to travel to their employer’s premises to work. All an employee needs is an internet connection and a PC. This is all it takes to connect to the network of a modern business. And the possibility of remote working means that you can employ staff from anywhere in the world. Close to two-thirds of the global workforce work remotely at least once a week. So this is clearly a very exciting business trend. The mechanics behind a virtual assistant is fascinating, but what’s really exciting is the way in which they can take your brand to a new level.

How Can a Property Management Virtual Assistant Help?

It pays to be informed when it comes to business decisions. And this is never truer than when it comes to staffing solutions. You need the right candidate for the job. And you need them to make a significant difference to your business. This is what good business management is all about. But it’s a difficult art to master. Thankfully, a property management virtual assistant can make matters a lot easier.

Want to know a little more about how a virtual assistant can transform your property management company? Here are five ways you can use one:

  • 24/7 Coverage: Property management is a business which, in order to be world class, needs to provide round-the-clock availability. Tenants enquiries are a 24/7 concern. But it’s difficult to provide this availability when your office shuts at 5pm. And this is where virtual assistants step forwards. Built on a foundation of flexibility, virtual workers are available to manage enquiries throughout the night once your day shift have finished. And the end result is not only a highly productive business. It also demonstrates that you are there to deal with your customer’s concerns no matter what time of day it is. 
  • Administrative Support: The demands of a property management company can be arduous. Naturally, this is something you should expect when dealing with so many clients and providers. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage the workload a little better? The simplest way to achieve this is by employing a property management virtual assistant. Preloaded with a vast range of administrative skills, a virtual worker can seamlessly pick up your admin backlog. This allows your in-house staff to focus on more important aspects of the business such as securing tenants. And what more could your business want? 
  • Scheduling Repairs: Maintenance is an integral part of any property management service. The wide range of potential and essential repairs that a property may need is vast. And managing this busy schedule requires a dedicated focus. You could delegate this to an existing member of staff, but it’s likely they will already be busy with several different projects. And this is where the focus slips. However, by hiring a virtual assistant you can delegate this task safe in the knowledge that it will receive their full attention. Your properties will remain in fantastic condition and tenants will be unable to resist them. 
  • Securing Rent Payments: The main objective of property management is to collect rent each and every month. And this is perhaps the biggest challenge that property managers face. The amount of energy required to chase and communicate with tenants can make it feel like an uphill struggle. But a virtual assistant simplifies this task for your organization. Highly skilled at analyzing client statements, a virtual property assistant can quickly determine which tenants owe rent. A virtual assistant’s involvement doesn’t end here. Thanks to technology such as VoIP phones, your assistant can also chase clients directly. 
  • Social Media: The power of social media is becoming more and more evident in today’s business landscape. It’s also incredibly important in the property management sector; the benefits it can deliver are numerous. But, again, managing social media accounts takes up valuable time. So, you need to find a solution. And that solution is a property management virtual assistant. With social media being such a popular marketing tool, virtual assistants are highly versed in how to harness its power. More importantly, a virtual assistant has the time to concentrate on social media campaigns from start to finish.


It’s Time for a Property Management Virtual Assistant

There are few businesses that can claim to be perfect. After all, there’s always room for improvement and growth. But achieving this in the world of modern business is difficult. Margins are tight and competition is fierce. Therefore, even a small gain can make a big difference. And the perfect way to start making these gains is by working with a property management virtual assistant.

The benefits of virtual assistants are clear for anyone to see. But in the property management sector these benefits are underlined in bold. Every single aspect of your property management company is set to gain from working with a virtual assistant. Workloads are more balanced, rents are collected more efficiently and your tenants are guaranteed 24/7 support. And it’s a rare business that can afford to ignore such an exciting and attractive proposition. Pineapple Staffing can provide your business with a business virtual assistant today.


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