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Real Estate Cold Calling Services

The real estate industry is incredibly competitive, and this means that your real estate business needs to be at the top of its game to succeed. The key to this success, of course, is by generating new customers.

But finding these new customers is difficult. Therefore, it’s crucial you start your sales funnel by generating leads. Now, one of the best ways to achieve this is through cold calling, but it’s also time consuming.

However, it suddenly becomes easier (and more cost effective) when you reap the benefits of virtual assistant cold calling services.

What is a Virtual Assistant Cold Caller?


virtual assistant cold caller


In the real estate industry, making cold calls is one of the most prominent strategies used to generate new leads and deliver new clients for your realtors. These cold calls are made to find potential leads.

Given the nature of selling homes, are often brand-new clients who have no prior relationship with your business. Essentially, the objective of the cold call is to establish the foundations of a business/customer relationship. Then analyze whether there is potential to do business.

Traditionally, between their numerous duties, realtors make cold calls. But it’s a time intensive task which often has low returns. This isn’t always the best use of a realtor’s time, as less than a third of cold calls are answered.

Nonetheless, cold calls remain useful to real estate businesses. As even the smallest margins of success can make a big difference. This can be found with virtual assistant cold calling services.

Needing only a PC and an internet connection. A real estate virtual assistant can work remotely from anywhere in the world and make these cold calls. These virtual assistants are armed with a list of potential leads to work their way through. They will take over the cold calling duties from your realtors. Allowing them to invest their productivity into more pressing tasks.

The Benefits of Virtual Assistant Cold Calling Services

Real estate virtual assistants represent an exciting opportunity for real estate businesses. But it’s important to dig down into exactly what marks them out as valuable. Accordingly, with a virtual assistant on board, your business can look forward to the following benefits:


benefits of virtual assistant cold calling services


Cost effective:

Working with a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% in operating costs, so this is a saving which few businesses can afford to ignore. That’s why outsourcing your cold calling tasks can make a real difference to your margins.

But why are real estate virtual assistants so cost effective? Well, for one thing, virtual assistants don’t incur the overheads associated with an in-house team e.g. desk, IT equipment and training.

Additionally, as virtual assistants are outsourced, there’s no requirement for employers to provide K401 contributions or sickness pay.

Fully trained:

Delivering efficient virtual assistant cold calling services requires specific knowledge and experience. So the productivity of your business can take a significant hit while a new employee is being trained.

Thankfully, real estate virtual assistants come fully trained in how to make cold calls which are both professional and successful. No matter how high the level of demand is, your virtual assistant will be able to hit the ground running and generate leads from day one.

Enhanced availability:

Many real estate businesses only operate between the standard business hours of 9 – 5, but the real estate industry is changing quickly. With more people looking to invest in properties overseas, the market is becoming more and more global.

However, it’s not cost effective to have in-house cold calling teams working in your offices 24/7. But this problem is solved with the remote nature of real estate virtual assistants. Many of whom live outside the US – where the time zone difference is more beneficial to their working lives.


One of the major draws of employing real estate virtual assistants is their flexibility when it comes to work. Usually paid by the hour, virtual assistants allow you to schedule your workload efficiently and cost effectively. So, for example, if you only have two hours’ worth of cold calls to be made, you only need to hire the virtual assistant for two hours.

This is in stark contrast to an in-house salaried employee who you will need to pay for all their contracted hours. And, best of all, given that the virtual assistant industry is constantly growing, there will always be a virtual assistant available for your needs.

Increased productivity:

Adopting virtual assistants into your real estate business to take on cold calling duties will maximize your productivity in other areas. By taking the strain of cold calling off your realtors, they will be freed up to concentrate on more crucial aspects of their role e.g. closing deals or dealing with last minute issues between buyers and sellers. Regardless of how they invest their newfound time, this boost in productivity will ensure that your real estate business benefits in numerous ways.


The good news with real estate virtual assistants is that they aren’t limited to purely completing cold calls. This means that, once their cold calling duties are completed, a virtual assistant can easily turn their hand to any other outstanding tasks your business has.

For example, if you need someone to book in appointments for your realtors or deal with incoming emails from clients, you can safely turn to your virtual assistant to complete these with ease. And, as with cold calling, all the benefits listed above will also apply to these additional duties.

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Your Next Steps to Success

Bringing virtual assistant cold calling services into your workforce is a sure-fire way to galvanize the productivity of your business. Not only will this approach free up your realtors to concentrate on the more important aspects of their roles.

But it will provide an enhanced working environment with the added bonus of being cost effective. It’s a difficult proposition to argue against, and once you understand all the benefits it’s almost impossible.

However, to start moving your real estate business in the right direction, you need to make connections with real estate virtual assistants. Naturally, as this is a relatively new employment niche, you may be wondering where to look.

But look no further, as Pineapple will take the pain out of this search. All you have to do is get in touch with Pineapple. And before you know it, your cold calls will be taken care of easily and professionally.

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