10 Tasks a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Can Do

10 Tasks a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Can Do

There are no two ways about it, graphic design is crucial for any modern business. Not only can it help build a strong visual identity for your business, but it also allows you to effectively communicate with your target audience. Combined, these two results are incredibly powerful when it comes to marketing. Therefore, you need to take graphic design seriously. And the best way to get started is by hiring a graphic designer virtual assistant.

Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are the modern solution to an age-old problem: how do you streamline your business, but make it more productive at the same time? And virtual assistants are currently experiencing a stellar rise in popularity. But where do you find virtual assistants? And how do they differ from the in-house assistants you already work with?

Firstly, virtual assistants can be found anywhere, and we mean anywhere. Secondly, they do everything that your in-house assistants do, and then a little extra. And it’s all thanks to technology.

Now that the days of dial-up internet is long behind us, we can start reaping the benefits of high-speed internet connections. Most importantly, for a virtual assistants, it means they can connect to the IT systems of organizations anywhere in the world. As long as they have an internet connection, they will be able to seamlessly integrate themselves into your business. And they can do this from anywhere in the world, there are no geographical restrictions.

This scenario allows virtual assistants to take on each and every task that an in-house assistant carries out. So, for example, if you need someone to post a series of social media posts, you can assign this to a virtual assistant in a remote location. They don’t need to be sat directly next to you to achieve this. Accordingly, this brings several exclusive benefits such as enhanced organization, scalability, and cost savings. And all of these can be applied to a graphic designer virtual assistant.

What Can a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Do for You?

So, you now know that virtual assistants represent the ideal solution for businesses, they’re both flexible and affordable. It’s everything a business owner wants to hear. But they also want to know the specifics behind a graphic designer virtual assistant. Just what is it they can bring to the business table? And how can their graphic design skills take your business to that next level? Luckily, we know 10 ways they can help:

What Can a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Do for You?

Design logos:

Due to their expertise and experience with design work, a graphic designer virtual assistant can help you design logos all the way from a blank page to a finished logo. Alternatively, you may need your graphic designer to edit your existing logo, or repurpose it for new uses e.g. on social media or on branded products. Either way, a graphic designer virtual assistant will have all the skills to pick the best fonts and colors to deliver an impressive logo.

Social media graphics:

The emergence of social media marketing is something which no business should ignore. And it’s important that you place a strong emphasis on social media graphics to support these marketing campaigns. Visual content, after all, is proven to help engage customers more effectively. Therefore, you need to harness eye-catching and impactful graphics to help populate your posts, adverts, and banners. And the presence of a graphic designer virtual assistant on your team will ensure this is a reality.

Editing videos:

Video marketing is one of the best strategies for marketing your business and growing your audience. This means that your marketing videos need to be slick, polished and engaging. This is where a graphic designer virtual assistant can step in and make the difference. With extensive training in editing videos, a graphic designer virtual assistant can trim video footage, adjust color levels, edit audio and, finally, export and optimize these video files for various platforms.

Infographic design:

A graphic designer virtual assistant can create visually engaging and informative infographics by organizing complex data into clear, concise visual narratives. Using icons, illustrations, and fonts to present information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format, your virtual assistant can enhance audience understanding and engagement. This will ensure that your audience can connect with your brand and message more easily, increasing your chances of customer conversion.

Create e-book covers:

The importance of creating e-books for a business should never be underestimated. They can mark you out as an authority in your niche and help you build a loyal following. But you need your e-book to grab people’s attention. And the best way to do this is with an eye-catching cover. This is where you need a graphic designer virtual assistant. Thanks to their artistic flair, they will be able to compose a cover which suits both your business and the content of the e-book.

Optimizing photos:

A graphic designer virtual assistant can play a vital role in editing photos for a business. They can enhance and retouch images, adjust colors, exposure, and composition, remove blemishes, and create visual consistency. A graphic designer also understands the best formats to use for each medium. Overall, their expertise ensures that the photos align with your brand's aesthetic, communicate the desired message, and captivate your audience.

Web design:

Every business needs a website, but, more importantly, it needs to be a world-class website. And that’s why your business needs a graphic designer virtual assistant on board. Creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website is harder than it sounds. But thanks to their experience and expertise, a graphic designer can create an engaging online experience. By combining the best layout, graphics, and overall aesthetic, they will be able to design a website that effectively communicates your brand’s message.

Project coordination:

Graphic design and multimedia projects are complex, and co-ordinating these carefully is crucial to their success. A graphic designer virtual assistant can ensure this success is achieved with ease. Before projects are undertaken, your virtual assistant will be able to create and manage project timelines, ensuring that deliverables are made on time, and co-ordinate resources effectively. These organizational skills are invaluable and will contribute to the project’s overall success.


One of the main reasons that graphic designers get up in the mornings is their love of illustrating. And illustrations should always be a major part of your marketing materials. A graphic designer virtual assistant can conceptualize and create original illustrations, enhancing the communication of your brand’s vision, and adding a unique artistic touch to various projects.

Designing marketing literature:

A graphic designer virtual assistant can create visually captivating print materials which effectively communicate your organization’s message. This can range from designing brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, and any other marketing material you can think of. And, thanks to the graphic designer’s talent for combining compelling visuals and eye-catching layouts, you can rest assured that your marketing literature will be in safe hands.

Bring in a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Today

Much like a multimedia virtual assistant, a graphic designer virtual assistant can make a significant contribution towards the success of your business. After all, visual stimulation has a strong impact on the way we make decisions, so graphic design is a fantastic way to move your customers down the conversion funnel. The next step, therefore, is to hire a graphic designer virtual assistant, and Pineapple have all the resources to make this happen.

With a roster of graphic designers just waiting to get creative with your brand and vision, Pineapple can give you that boost your business needs. To get started, just click here and get in touch today.

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