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If you want to be a successful law firm, you need to build strong foundations. The most important element of these foundations is your staff. Naturally, you will always need amazing attorneys and lawyers, but you should never underestimate the contribution of your admin team.

World-class legal assistants can be difficult to find. Or, at least, they used to be difficult to find. Now you can easily strengthen the backbone of your organization with legal virtual assistants.

The Basics of Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants may sound tech-heavy but, while they rely on technology, there couldn’t be a simpler concept in the 21st century. In essence, a virtual assistant is the same as any other in-house assistant you have ever worked with. But, in practice, there’s one major difference: they aren’t based at your office. Instead, they can be located anywhere on the planet. While this would have been unthinkable 10 – 15 years ago, advances in technology have now made it an easy option.

So, what does a virtual assistant need? Well, as long as they have a PC and a high-speed internet connection, that’s it. Yes, that’s right, you don’t need to supply them with any company equipment. They simply log on to their PC and, through the internet, connect directly into your IT infrastructure. From there they can access your telecommunication systems, hard drives, and databases. It’s a fantastic staffing solution and one which has rocketed in popularity in the last couple of years.

And virtual assistants can make a big, big difference to the way your law firm operates. Not only do they allow you to delegate, free up office space and expand your hours, but they also take the strain off your other employees. This means your business can quickly transform into a lean, productive machine which maximizes its results.

Virtual assistants come packed full of benefits, but you may be curious as to how they can provide legal admin support online. After all, legal services are highly focused on the client, and it’s important they receive a personal service. The good news is that legal virtual assistants can not only support this objective, but also enhance it. And this can be demonstrated in the following scenarios:

Handling emails:

With over 347 billion emails sent a day worldwide, it’s no surprise that your inbox looks so cluttered and disorganized. And, for a law firm, this could easily mean that a vital email from a client is missed, or an important court date accidentally sent to the trash. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take time to manage your inbox and a virtual legal assistant can take care of this for you. They can filter and prioritize incoming messages, flagging urgent ones for your immediate attention. They can also draft and send routine responses to any incoming queries to take the pain out of emails.

Taking care of payments:

In the fast-paced world of law firms, dealing with invoices and bills is essential in keeping your business ticking over. However, the sheer speed of the legal industry means that business owners are often stretched thin, with little time left to leaf through bills and raise invoice requests. Thankfully, virtual assistants are fully proficient in billing software such as Sage and QuickBooks. This means your business can generate invoices with ease and handle client payments professionally and promptly. As a result, both your balance sheet and your clients will be left satisfied.

Creating legal documents:

Virtual legal assistants can save legal professionals significant amounts of time by drafting and writing legal documents on their behalf. With a wealth of knowledge in legal terminology and the most effective ways to incorporate it, a virtual legal assistant can draft and format documents such as court petitions, contracts, and briefs. This support allows your attorneys to make easy gains in the productivity stakes, a result which allows them to focus their specialized skills where they are needed most: winning cases.

Client intake and onboarding:

When a potential client reaches out to your law firm, it’s likely that they will be feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and even stressed about their situation. That’s why you need to be able to offer them a calming and reassuring presence. And this is where a virtual assistant can step in. Thanks to their experience in the legal industry, they can walk clients through the initial paperwork and set clear expectations. This ensures that the client experiences a smooth transition into your firm’s representation.

Carrying out research:

Legal proceedings always require a lot of research, and attorneys often struggle to find the time to dedicate to this essential task. But the presence of legal virtual assistants provides attorneys with the support they need. Virtual assistants can dig deep into legal databases and resources to gather key information, summarize complex concepts, and help attorneys make informed decisions. This is all backed by high quality fact-checking which ensures accuracy and allows attorneys to build persuasive arguments.

Client communication:

Every business, regardless of industry, needs to put client communication at the forefront of its efforts. The problem is that it’s not easy to answer every email promptly and return every call on time. It’s a time-consuming duty, but one which remains crucial. Luckily, this administrative burden can be lifted when you have virtual assistants on board. With full access to your IT infrastructure, they can pick up this task and act as a point of contact, handle client inquiries and schedule consultations.

Where Can You Hire Legal Virtual Assistants?

It should be obvious, by now, that utilizing legal admin support online can pay dividends for your law firm’s productivity. Better yet, there are significant cost savings to be made, with some estimates showing a 78% saving in operating costs. But, if you want to welcome these virtual assistants into your law firm, you need to team up with a VA company who have these contacts on their roster. And this company is Pineapple.

With years of experience in supplying virtual assistants, we can find the employee who is the perfect fit for your needs. Available on highly flexible contracts and at competitive prices, these virtual assistants could be working with you before you know it. So, to start this amazing business relationship today, click here to get in touch with us.

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