Remote Executive Assistant: 7 Ways They Can Make Your Life Easier

Remote Executive Assistant: 7 Ways They Can Make Your Life Easier

Remote Executive Assistant: Laptop and Iphone

The benefits of being an executive are clear to see: power, influence and control. It’s a rewarding role and one that all good business people strive to attain. The downside of this success is pressure. And, at times, it’s an intense level of pressure.

The modern business landscape is competitive and there’s no room for mistakes. Days are long and it’s likely that your list of objectives is even longer. You may feel as though you can cope. After all, people in business pride themselves on their ability to achieve. Anything less than this feels like failure. But it always feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. And, given that you have twenty-four hours in each day, it’s frustrating when you can’t tick off all your objectives.

There’s a very simple way to put an end to this frustration. All you need is a remote executive assistant.

What is a Remote Executive Assistant?

The pressures of business and the demand to meet your daily objectives is a tough ask. Add into that the busy personal life of an executive and you’ve got an organizational nightmare on your hands. So, you need to delegate. But who do you delegate to? Your existing staff members are no doubt as busy as you are. The more work you pile onto them the less productive they become. It’s one of the conundrums of modern business, but there is an answer.

A remote executive assistant is a fully charged dynamo when it comes to opening up time and availability for a busy executive. You may have worked with assistants before, but this setup is a little different. Working remotely means that a remote executive assistant offers much more flexibility. And this remote location doesn’t even have to be in the same state, country or continent. It’s a scenario which opens up a vast pool of talent where every business skill you could ever need is on offer.

Remote Executive Assistant: Scheduling

The Benefits of a Remote Executive Assistant

Getting on board with a remote executive assistant makes sense. But, as with all good business decisions, you’re going to need more information about this proposal before proceeding. Let’s take a look at 7 ways they can make your life easier:

  • Delegation

The busy life of an executive means there are always a wide range of tasks to take on. It makes sense to attend to the more pressing ones first and come back to the less crucial tasks. Putting a killer presentation together, for example, may well be the priority, but it’s a job that requires a significant investment in labor.  And, once you’ve managed to finish it, it may be too late in the day to complete anything else. This leaves you falling behind on more basic tasks. With a remote executive assistant on hand, however, you have the opportunity to delegate the less pressing tasks and ensure they’re completed.

  • Space Saving

An office may look like a simple environment, but it’s not. Fitting everything and everyone in takes planning. Even then there’s never enough room to be comfortable. Desks are pushed up against each other tightly and even finding space for a water cooler can be a nightmare. And this can be a real problem for your employees’ productivity. They need space to be productive. A remote executive assistant can provide this space. Working from a remote location, these employees have no need to work from your premises. This approach provides you with more real estate in the office and happier, more productive in-house staff.

  • Effective Personal Admin

A high flying executive never knows where life is going to take them next. Long hours may be required in the office and business trips can leave your personal admin grinding to a halt. Arranging dinners, travel arrangements and gifts can soon feel not achievable. And this should never be the case. The most important CEOs in the world aim to strike a healthy work/life balance and so should you. With a remote executive assistant taking care of your life admin this is more achievable than ever. With all aspects of your life running like a well-oiled machine, you will find that everything becomes much easier.

  • Flexibility

It’s estimated that up to half of the U.S. work will be remote workers by the end of the 2020s. And this is a trend driven by the flexibility of remote working. It’s not critical, however, for your business to stick to U.S. employees. Instead there’s a global pool of remote workers to choose from. This allows your organization to become even more flexible. A remote executive assistant who, for example, operates from a time zone several hours ahead of your own allows round-the-clock working. Objectives can be met 24/7 and gives your productivity a massive boost.

  • Effortless Scheduling

Executives are busy. Very busy. Just take a look at your schedule, no doubt it’s full of appointments. And this is very difficult to manage. But keeping on top of it is vital. Missing appointments in business shows a lack of professionalism on your part and reflects badly on your organization. To prevent this from happening you can call on a remote executive assistant. They have the time to carefully study your schedule. With this time they can plan your day and set up reminder alerts to be sent to all your devices. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on more involved tasks than calendar scanning.

  • Cost Effective

When it comes to a remote executive assistant there is one benefit which stands out above the others: cost. The costs of employing an in-house staff member can soon mount up, but this is avoided with a remote worker. As they work remotely there’s no need for you to provide equipment. And you would be surprised at the costs behind a new cubicle/desk/PC configuration. There’s also the added benefit that remote assistants can be hired on an ad-hoc basis. If you only have three hours’ worth of work that’s all you need to pay for. There are no wasted labor costs to worry about.

  • Top Talent

If you need a remote executive assistant then the vast pool of resources you have to choose from is astounding. There’s an assistant available for almost every business or personal admin task you can think of. And you don’t need to hire them on a permanent basis. For example, if you’ve got a business trip coming up then you can hire a remote assistant who specializes in planning and logistics to take care of all your travel arrangements. Likewise, you may have a series of spreadsheets that need formatting and annotating. Rather than try and watch a YouTube tutorial, why not hire a temporary assistant who has years of Excel training on their side?

Remote Executive Assistant: Pin on Map

You Need a Remote Executive Assistant

A remote executive assistant can transform your work and personal life from a struggle into an effortless pleasure. If you want to enhance personal achievement and bolster your organization’s productivity then a remote assistant is crucial.

The very best executives think outside the box to make their mark in business and a remote executive assistant is the perfect example of this. The main takeaway from this discussion is that this digital assistant allows you to become fully immersed in what you’re best at. Instead of investing your time in menial tasks you can get to work on making the big decisions which will shape your organization’s future.

And these assistants are ready to start working now.  Find your perfect Business Virtual Assistant™️ at Pineapple Staffing.

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