How a Social Media VA Can Help Grow Your Business

Social Media Virtual Assistant: How a Social Media VA Can Help Grow Your Business

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Social media has quickly become a modern phenomenon of the business world. And, when it comes to usage, 91% of US businesses indulge in the world of social media. Harnessing the power of social media allows organizations to enhance their visibility and grow their business. 

It’s likely that you’re already working with social media, but are you really managing your own social media? The four most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these platforms are unique and work in different ways. They also operate in real-time. Managing these accounts, therefore, requires a comprehensive knowledge of each one. And significant time needs to be set aside to manage them throughout the day.

We all know how busy the modern business world is. There never seems to be enough time to get anything completed. But social media is now a crucial part of business. And you can’t go without it. Managing your social media has to be done and it has to be done well. But how can you fit this into a business schedule which is already packed? Sure, you could work even longer hours than you already do. Or you could hire a social media virtual assistant.

The Difficulties of Managing Social Media

With social media being bigger than ever before it’s critical that businesses adopt it into their business practices. Social media’s ability to drive your brand is immeasurable and the financial rewards are equally amazing. But it’s not easy. Social media platforms are competitive landscapes. Every business wants to have that next big tweet, so it’s crucial that you’re in control. The major stumbling block is finding the time. 

There are several major social media platforms and you need to make sure you’re active on all of them. There may well be 24 hours in a day, but this never feels like enough. And social media accounts can soon fall to the wayside. These derelict accounts are essentially worthless. And they represent a poor public image. You want to stay connected with your followers and your customers. Keeping on top of your social media needs to be a priority. A social media virtual assistant can help you achieve this.

How Can a Social Media Virtual Assistant Help?

Virtual assistants have been an intriguing proposition for some time. Not only can they work from a remote location, but they can also do practically anything that your in-house admin staff can do. All a virtual assistant needs is an internet connection and a smart device. They can then connect to your IT infrastructure and get to work. And a social media virtual assistant is the latest development in this field.

Social media is time consuming. It takes a sustained and motivated effort to keep your accounts active. But social media is only one part of your business. And, as a business owner, you should be focusing your productivity on the big decisions. Sure, you could delegate the running of social media accounts in-house, but these employees are already busy. When you employ a social media virtual assistant you solve this problem. 

Dedicated to keeping your social media accounts active round the clock, a social media assistant can make a real difference to your online profile. Leads can be chased, queries followed up and conversion rates enhanced. 

Let’s take a look at some of the tasks a social media virtual assistant can take on:

  • Create and Manage Social Media Accounts:

    You need to be involved with all the major social media platforms. It’s a vital step in modern business. However, not all businesses are active in the areas of social media that they should be. A social media virtual assistant will ensure you have the right social media accounts. And they will continue to maintain their online activities.

  • Creating Content for Social Media:

    The best way to enhance your online profile is with content. This content needs to be regular and it needs to engage your followers. Social media virtual assistants are highly skilled and experienced in this field, so you can rest assured that they will be posting high quality content. And they can also edit any in-house content that’s generated.

  • Post Scheduling:

    Social media posts need to be scheduled carefully. Send something out on your platforms at the wrong time and engagement levels will be low. It’s all about understanding the sweet spot of engagement. And you also have to take into account the online habits of customers in different time zones. A social media virtual assistant takes the pain out of this by diligently crafting a schedule with automated posts that optimize engagement levels.

  • Analyze Social Media Stats:

    To judge your performance on social media you need to analyze your engagement stats. However, this is a time consuming task. But with a dedicated social media assistant on board this becomes easier. Not only can they collate this engagement data, but they can analyze it to see what worked and what didn’t. This knowledge can then be integrated into future social media campaigns to maximize engagement. 

We now have a broad understanding of what a social media virtual assistant does, but how do they apply this to the major social media platforms?

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Working with the Major Social Media Platforms

There are dozens upon dozens of successful social media platforms within the digital landscape. However, you need to make sure that you’re concentrating on the ones that are most suited to business. And these are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. A social media virtual assistant can help you master these in the following ways:

  • Facebook:

    If you want to identify the major power in social media then you don’t have to look far. It’s clearly Facebook. And with close to 2.4 billion active users it has an audience which can’t be ignored. By responding to messages you can grow your business by enhancing your customer service levels. Exclusive promotions can be scheduled and launched to help increase the coverage of your brand. And Facebook ads can be designed to target specific demographics and maximize your conversion rates.

  • Twitter:

    The beauty of Twitter is that it’s short, sharp and to the point. These are the cornerstones of good marketing and makes Twitter an ideal marketing platform. But timing is crucial when it comes to tweeting. And with the numerous demographics at play on Twitter it’s important you engage with all of them. Running a business and keeping in touch with these demographics is next to impossible. But a social media virtual assistant gives your business the time to schedule posts that connect with all of your followers.

  • Instagram:

    Standing out on Instagram is tough when you’re going up against 1 billion active users. The work involved is tough and time consuming, so it’s no surprise that many businesses struggle to maintain a presence. A successful hashtag strategy can boost your engagement levels, but the research involved is a full time job. A social media virtual assistant can step up the plate here. They have the skills and time to create calls-to-action which are highly visible. Your brand’s visibility is increased and your business grows.

  • LinkedIn:

    Perfect for networking among professionals, LinkedIn has around 154 million active users in the US alone. It can also be used to promote your business in the form of blogs, status updates and even mentorship programs. Creating content is time consuming enough for your marketing team, but integrating it into LinkedIn takes even more time. Having a social media assistant on board opens up the opportunity to delegate. You can then guarantee the production of amazing content and a successful LinkedIn strategy.

A Social Media Virtual Assistant Makes the Difference

Every business should have growth labeled as a priority. It allows your organization to increase profits, deliver better services and leave customers satisfied. Social media is clearly a highly powerful tool, but it’s also complex. And these complexities make it a time consuming job. Finding the time to succeed on social media is a major obstacle. But with the rise of social media virtual assistants you can consign this problem to the past.

With somebody in control of your social media activities you have the opportunity to target specific demographics with your brand in a highly personal landscape. It would have been unimaginable 20 years ago, but the digital age has generated a wealth of possibilities to market and grow your brand. A social media assistant also takes advantage of the digital world. Your business can now employ people from anywhere in the world to run your social media accounts. And run them professionally. The flexibility that this offers is unimaginable with in-house staff and employing a social media virtual assistant should be a priority.

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