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Upgrade Your Business With Virtual Assistant Staffing

Success in business is all about the upgrades. These upgrades can be small or big, but the end result is the same: they make your business more efficient. And businesses that become more efficient are the ones that generate more profits. But whether you’re looking to increase your bottom line or simply work to a higher standard (or both), you need to start integrating these upgrades into your business. And the first upgrade you need to look at is virtual assistant staffing.

Virtual assistant staffing has, for many businesses, proved to be a highly successful solution, one which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. And yet, at present, only 12.7% of full-time employees work remotely. Therefore, society still hasn’t adapted to this new and improved way of working. The good news is this gives you the opportunity to become an early adopter and guarantee that competitive edge.

Understanding a Virtual Assistant

You can’t just dive into the world of virtual assistant staffing. You need to educate yourself on what a virtual assistant is. Only then will you understand whether they represent a good fit for your business, and 99 times out of a 100 they will. So, where do you start? Well, let’s start with the basics of virtual assistant staffing. You need two things, a VA company and a virtual assistant. Securing a reputable VA company is relatively straightforward, and we’ll cover that later, but the most important element is understanding the principles of a virtual assistant.

Your business, as it currently operates, will be packed full of assistants. All of these will complete a specific set of duties, mostly centering around administrative duties but often taking on creative tasks as well. Whatever their role, they’ll share one common characteristic: they work out of your office. Commuting to and from work every day, these assistants, much like yourself, will need a base and equipment to complete their everyday tasks.

And this is how things have been for decades, even centuries. But progress means things can change, and almost always for the better. When it comes to virtual assistant staffing, this progress has been made thanks to advancements in internet technology. The traditional assistant, who travels to the office, is now seen as a relic of the past.

Instead, with the help of a VA company, you can connect with a virtual assistant based anywhere on the planet. All this virtual assistant needs is a PC and an internet connection. This combination is enough for them to seamlessly connect with your IT infrastructure. And, with this connection made, it’ll be as if they’re sitting in your office.

The Benefits of Virtual Assistant Staffing

There needs to be a reason why a virtual assistant is preferable to an in-house assistant, and there is. In fact, there are several benefits which mark out virtual assistant staffing as the superior option. Interested in finding out what these are? Let’s take a look:

The Benefits of Virtual Assistant Staffing

Enhanced efficiency:

If you want your business to be more efficient, a virtual assistant is the perfect way to achieve this. Highly skilled in administrative tasks, they can take on your team’s workload and free them up for more strategic tasks. For example, your team could be struggling to maintain your appointment ledger due to more pressing operational tasks. But if you harness the power of virtual assistant staffing, you can bring in a virtual assistant to schedule appointments.

Cost savings:

One of the most attractive benefits is the wide range of cost savings on offer. The short-term contracts of virtual assistants mean there’s no need for organizations to invest funds into vacation pay, pension contributions, or sickness pay. Instantly, this slashes your outgoings for staff. Also, virtual assistants provide their own equipment and work from their home, adding further cost savings for your business. In fact, it’s estimated you can save up to 78% in operating costs with a virtual assistant on board.

24/7 coverage:

Modern businesses need to provide 24/7 coverage to remain competitive. However, organizing this level of cover can be difficult due to the unsocial hours involved. But this doesn’t need to be a problem with virtual assistant staffing. There are no global restrictions on where your virtual assistant can be based. Therefore, your organization can take advantage of different time-zones to fill in those difficult night shifts. This ensures your customers can receive a response no matter what time of day it is.

Improve work/life balance:

Burnout continues to be a major problem for business owners and their employees. It’s a situation caused by longer than expected working hours, and one which is seriously affecting the delicate work/life balance. The perfect solution for this scenario is virtual assistant staffing. By bringing in virtual assistants, you can easily reduce your administrative backlog and ensure that you and your team leave work on time. The result is a happier, healthier, and more productive working environment.


It’s crucial your business keeps one eye on scalability if it wants to be successful. Contracts can come and go at a moment’s notice, and you need to be ready to react. Unfortunately, this can be difficult due to the staffing decisions required. You can’t just bring in a new roster of talent or let established team members go overnight. But virtual assistant staffing solutions make this a possibility. A VA company can either integrate multiple virtual assistants into your team quickly or end short-term contracts as agreed.

The Power of Virtual Assistant Staffing

The benefits of virtual assistant staffing are clear, and you’re no doubt interested in working with one. But, if you bring a virtual assistant into your business, what exactly are they going to be able to do for you? Well, take a look at your in-house assistants and what they do, this is exactly what a virtual assistant can deliver:


The Power of Virtual Assistant Staffing

Appointment scheduling:

a successful business will be one which keeps its appointments and never disappoints its clients. Nonetheless, the administrative burden which many businesses face means that scheduling mishaps – such as incorrect appointment times being stated – can occur, and this can seriously impact customer satisfaction levels. Virtual assistant staffing solutions, such as a business virtual assistant, allow you to delegate your appointment ledger to a dedicated virtual assistant.

Manage your inbox:

Hundreds of billions of emails are sent every day, and this is why managing your inbox is such a labor-intensive duty. But it can’t be ignored. Emails can contain vital communications and need to be handled correctly. With a virtual assistant in charge of your inbox, you can rest assured that incoming emails will be categorized correctly, urgent emails flagged, and junk emails filtered out. The end result is an inbox which acts as an effective communication tool where critical messages are quickly addressed.

Customer support:

If you want your business to have strong foundations, you need to build it on world-class customer support. Your customers will always have queries, and they need to be answered promptly and correctly. It’s a dedicated role in itself. And turning to virtual assistant staffing is one of the smartest moves you can make. Fully trained in customer service, virtual assistants can effortlessly address customer queries, provide solutions, and leave your customers feeling satisfied that they have been listened to.

Multimedia content creation:

One of the most important aspects of modern business marketing is the integration of multimedia content. Producing multimedia content, however, is a specific skill. You can’t delegate multimedia content creation duties to the nearest administrative assistant, you need an expert. Luckily, you can turn to a VA company to find an excellent multimedia virtual assistant to propel your marketing strategies. Again, this underlines the options on offer when you embrace the world of virtual assistant staffing.

Expertise in their field:

Authority and expertise are two sure-fire elements you want in your staff, and this is what virtual assistants deliver. Take, for example, the legal industry. This is a highly complex field, where a firm knowledge of terminology is essential. Working with a VA company, you can quickly find a legal virtual assistant with the relevant authority and expertise to succeed. This gives you peace of mind that tasks can be delegated with a minimum of fuss and will be handled professionally.

Social media management:

If you want your business to connect with a huge audience, you need to use social media. The sheer range of social media platforms, however, can make this a daunting challenge. But the benefits of engaging directly with your customers should always outweigh this problem. And, with a virtual assistant in control of your social media accounts, you can succeed in this environment. Regular posts can be scheduled, customer queries answered, and brand loyalty enhanced.

Virtual Assistant Staffing Represents Your Future

As you can see, virtual assistant staffing solutions have a lot to offer your business. And you can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors are also in the market for world-class virtual assistants. Therefore, now is the perfect time to take upgrade your organization.

But, as we said earlier, you need a VA company to get started. And Pineapple is that VA company. An established name in virtual assistant staffing, we’ve spent several years handpicking an amazing array of talent. This roster of virtual assistants has the potential to transform your business into a leaner, more efficient organization. A business which can meet all the daily demands and challenges, but also one which can deliver this with skill, accuracy, and professionalism.

Getting in touch with us is simple, just click here and start the best conversation you’re going to have today.

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