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Tasks You Can Assign to Your Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant on your side can make a world of difference in creating an outstanding online presence. Driving your business forward.

Today more and more businesses are turning to virtual assistants to help streamline their day-to-day operations. But what tasks can you assign to a virtual assistant?

At Pineapple, we offer three types of virtual assistants that are more than happy to help scale your business.

    • Business Virtual Assistants (BVAs) can typically help with any administrative task that gets done in your business. Anything you can do on a computer, you can likely have one of our BVAs do the task.

    • Multimedia Virtual Assistants (MVAs) are highly skilled and have a wide range of knowledge and experience every business owner can maximize. They help bring your company's vision to life by seamlessly carrying out the creation and distribution of your multimedia content.

    • Legal Virtual Assistants (LVAs) work directly with our clients to virtually help with their legal office needs. They help individual lawyers and law firms improve their workflow, save time, and remove the burden of legal administrative workload.

We created a list of tasks for business, multimedia, and legal virtual assistants that you can assign to them. As there are different virtual assistant tasks, we categorized some of them based on your needs.


Business Virtual Assistant Tasks

A Business Virtual Assistant can handle a wide variety of tasks from customer service and data entry to social media management and appointment scheduling. To put it simply, they can take on anything that would normally fall to a traditional administrative assistant for your business.

Check these virtual assistant tasks that they can do for you:


Manage social media accounts.

You can have your Business Virtual Assistant manage your social media platforms and work on your online brand presence.

Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records.

Keeping track of leads and customers is very important for any business. A Business Virtual Assistant can do exactly that on your behalf.

Perform inbox management.

A Business Virtual Assistant can get to know your internal and external communications and draft correspondence for you. They are also reliable when it comes to organizing your inbox. Additionally, they can help with email marketing initiatives, creating newsletters and other communications that reflect your brand voice and values.

Create and send proposals.

Same with emails, your Business Virtual Assistant can help ensure that prospects are engaged in your business from the get-go. Thus they can create and send proposals, answer inquiries, and assist in handling calls.

Draft and send contracts.

They can help in creating drafts for contracts including financial agreements, time sheets, etc. that you and/or your legal team can review before sending.

Invoicing and Billing.

They can take on many of the tasks involved in invoicing and billing, including creating invoices, sending invoices to customers, following up on payments, and more.

Create and send marketing materials.

They can also create and send marketing materials like blog posts, newsletters, or social media posts for your business or brand's website. Business Virtual Assistants can produce works that are engaging and attract the attention of your target audience.


Most business owners find bookkeeping tasks very tedious. So you can have your Business Virtual Assistant help from preparing invoices to tracking expenses instead. They can also help manage your bookkeeping software from setting up books to keeping track of transactions.

In addition, Business Virtual Assistants can provide valuable insights into finances and business operations should you need end-of-month reports.

Sales Follow Up.

The Business Virtual Assistant can make phone calls to customers who have shown interest in your product or service. They can answer questions about your products or services, and even schedule appointments for sales meetings.


By conducting internet research, a Business Virtual Assistant can help to gather data and information on a variety of topics. Including market trends, competitor analysis, and customer demographics.

A Business Virtual Assistant can also help to identify potential business partners and suppliers. By taking the time to research the market and understand the needs of your customers. You can be sure that your business is well-positioned to succeed.

Business Virtual Assistants work in administrative tasks including answering phone calls, calendar management, and so much more! Thus working with them gives you the opportunity to gain freedom from your busy schedule as small business owners or entrepreneurs.


business virtual assistant tasks


Multimedia Virtual Assistant Tasks

A Multimedia Virtual Assistant can help you with a wide range of tasks. From managing your multimedia files to creating presentations and graphics. They have a background in graphic design and video editing. So you can tap into their skills to help you produce materials to help your business.

Here are some other multimedia virtual assistant tasks you can assign to them:


Create a video.

Multimedia Virtual Assistants are often hired to create videos, whether they're short or long form. You can ask your Multimedia Virtual Assistant to help you create an introduction to your business. Or even just a simple explainer video for your product or service.

Edit photos, videos, and audio files.

If you're looking for someone with expertise in editing photos, videos, and audio files, then a Multimedia Virtual Assistant is the solution. They have experience in editing images, video files, and sound clips for any project you might need.

Create sales and marketing collaterals.

Have your graphics and posters created. So to help market your brand whether offline or on various social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook effectively. They can also help to create engaging content that builds brand awareness and drives traffic back to your website.

Improve branding.

You can have your logo and brand guidelines created by your Multimedia Virtual Assistant to help your marketing. They can also help create and manage your digital content, ensuring that it is high-quality and  within your brand.

Produce and manage podcasts.

You can have your podcast managed by your Multimedia Virtual Assistant to help with consistency in putting out content. So they can help with the editing process and ensure that the audio is of high quality.

They can also help to schedule and publish episodes, as well as promoting the podcast on social media. The creation of transcripts of episodes can be made. Also managing listener feedback or questions to create a strong sense of community around your podcast channel.

Create and maintain a website.

Need an active website to get a serious audience lead? Get a Multimedia Virtual Assistant with a background or experience with web design and development can help establish a good-performing website for your business.

Prepare presentation materials.

They can help you prepare polished and professional presentation materials that you can use for sales calls or business reports. They can also help you find and incorporate multimedia content from the internet to ensure that your presentations are always up-to-date and relevant.

Organize media assets.

A Multimedia Virtual Assistant can help organize media assets by categorizing and tagging them. This helps to keep your media library organized and makes it easier for you to find specific items. This can be helpful when trying to locate a specific asset as well as sharing assets with others.

Create storyboards.

Multimedia Virtual Assistants can create storyboards to help present a project or a video ad. They are often used by graphic designers, web developers, and marketing professionals. They are a graphic representation of how your video will unfold, shot by shot.

Design and Animation.

A Multimedia Virtual Assistant can be a big help when it comes to designing and animating. They can often create simple animations and 3D models. Adding effects to audio and video files, and designing menus and user interfaces.

As you can see, there are a variety of tasks that multimedia virtual assistants can help you with. All you need to do is ask!

Multimedia Virtual Assistant Tasks


Legal Virtual Assistant Tasks

Finally, Legal Virtual Assistants provide support with tasks like drafting contracts, doing research, and preparing filings. They often have experience working in the legal field and are familiar with the relevant laws and regulations.

Hiring a Legal Virtual Assistant can be a great way to lighten your workload. Go free up your time for more important tasks as a lawyer. But what exactly can you delegate to your legal virtual assistant?

Now below are just a few of the many tasks that your Legal Virtual Assistant can handle:


Conduct legal research.

Whether you need help finding relevant case law or researching a particular legal issue, they can handle it.

Draft documents.

From letters and emails to court filings and contracts, they can take care of all your document drafting needs.

Schedule appointments.

Keep your calendar organized and free up your time by having your Legal Virtual Assistant schedule appointments for you. In addition, they can also help you keep track of deadlines and ensure that you don't miss any important dates. By keeping your calendar organized and up-to-date, they can help you stay on top of your schedule and avoid any last-minute surprises.

Prepare for court cases.

Have your files and things ready before a court case. Your Legal Virtual Assistant can also help to organize the case files and keep track of deadlines.

Create trial presentations.

Your Legal Virtual Assistant can prepare any dynamic presentations for all kinds of hearings and audiences that you might need. Eventually this will come in handy for those meetings where you need a good presentation.

Respond to inquiries.

Have your Legal Virtual Assistant attend to your inquiries and funnel out serious potential clients. Also they can properly diagnose and qualify a new lead to ensure that you're not wasting your precious time taking on a new case.

A LVA can help assess incoming inquiries from potential clients. Conduct initial probing and collect necessary documents and information first and report them back to you.

Make travel arrangements.

If you need to travel for business or pleasure, let your Legal Virtual Assistant take care of all the details. From booking flights and hotels to renting cars.

Transcribe legal documents.

Obviously Legal Virtual Assistants can help you in transcribing legal documents. So this includes everything from court transcripts to legal briefs.

Client Intake and Onboarding.

Legal Virtual Assistants will be able to attend client calls or email to coordinate important meetings and deadlines, and more. Additional administrative support such as maintaining appointment schedules, processing client payments and organizing filing systems are taken care of ensuring proper client onboarding.

Manage your legal online content.

Certainly they can help you create and maintain legal content, post updates and articles, and manage comments and feedback. Also they can help market you online to reach serious leads with a professionally managed website.

In conclusion by hiring a Legal Virtual Assistant, you can focus on the tasks that only you can do, knowing that all the rest are being taken care of.


Legal Virtual Assistant Tasks



So, what are the tasks that make up a virtual assistant? Certainly it can be anything from administrative, multimedia, and legal tasks. However, you should keep in mind that productivity is not always about how much work you get done but about how well the work is done.

Also we recommend you take a look at our blog posts on managing your business with a virtual assistant.

Undoubtedly no matter what type of virtual assistant you hire, you're sure to free up valuable time and resources. So why not give it a try?

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