Why you should hire a Filipino virtual assistant.

Why You Should Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

The concept of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant was, until a decade ago, an unthinkable prospect. For employers looking for new staff, they had only one option: rely on the local employment market. But thanks to advances in internet technology, the world is now a much smaller place. And this means hiring a Filipino virtual assistant isn’t only possible, it’s a necessity for any forward-thinking business.

How is a Filipino Virtual Assistant a Possibility?

The Filipino virtual assistant has experienced a rapid rise in popularity, with estimates showing that around 1 in 5 global companies now employ the services of a Filipino virtual assistant. However, this still leaves a number of businesses unfamiliar with the ins and outs of working with a Filipino virtual assistant. Accordingly, we’re going to take you through the principles of a virtual assistant and how they operate.

Despite being located on the other side of the world to US employers, distance is no boundary for a Filipino virtual assistant. The advent of high-speed internet connections at the start of the 2010s has led to an increase of what can be achieved online. Previously, the thought of crystal-clear videoconferencing over the internet was little more than a dream. But, now, even the most basic internet package can facilitate this.

So, how exactly does a Filipino virtual assistant connect with your IT infrastructure? Well, as long as they have a suitably fast internet connection in place, the only other things they need are a PC and a set of login credentials for your network. With these three elements in place, a Filipino virtual assistant can get to work on almost any task you can think of. If one of your in-house assistants can complete a task, then rest assured it can easily be handled by a Filipino virtual assistant. And remember, you don’t even need to set up a desk, chair, or even a pen for them in your premises.

Discover the Benefits of Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Once you take that all important step of approaching a VA agency, you open your business up to a wide range of roles a Filipino virtual assistant can fulfil. Regardless of whether you need a business virtual assistant, a multimedia virtual assistant, or a legal virtual assistant, you’re guaranteed to find a Filipino virtual assistant who can deliver the services you need. But aside from this amazing choice, you’re also positioning your business to reap the following benefits:

Benefits of Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Cost Savings:

Partner your business with the right VA agency, and you can expect to make major cost savings. In fact, it’s been estimated that, by working with a virtual assistant, a business could potentially save a cool $11,000 compared to a traditional, in-house assistant. These savings, which can amount to 78% in terms of operating costs, are the result of not having to outlay on equipment, sickness pay, vacation pay, or pension contributions.


In the Philippines, there’s a real demand for flexible working. And a reputable VA agency will be able to provide you with a Filipino virtual assistant who suits the specific needs of your business. If, for example, you needed to bring in a graphic designer for a week, you could achieve this with ease. On the other hand, if you required a legal assistant to work with you for a month, there would be a Filipino virtual assistant ready to jump into this role. Whatever the scenario, you can expect a speedy transition in and out of your business.

24/7 Coverage:

With the Philippines being around 12 – 14 hours ahead of the USA, a Filipino virtual assistant introduces the possibility of 24/7 coverage for your business. And, in the modern age, customers expect a 24/7 service. Therefore, the time difference between the Philippines and the USA makes it much easier for a Filipino virtual assistant to step in and work, what to them, is a normal 9 – 5 shift. But with the added bonus of giving your customers round-the-clock support.

Enhanced Skill Set Availability:

Once you consider the possibility of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant, you instantly give your business a much wider range of skill sets to choose from. After all, when you think about it, limiting your employee choice to a 10-mile radius will only harm the creativity at play within your team. A diverse range of skillsets are vital for success, and bringing in a Filipino virtual assistant allows you to benefit from new insights and work methods.

Productivity Boost:

A Filipino virtual assistant can significantly boost productivity for a business by taking on various administrative and operational tasks, allowing business owners and employees to focus on core activities. Their proficiency in English and familiarity with Western business practices also ensures smooth communication and collaboration while maximizing productivity.

What Can a Filipino Virtual Assistant Do for You?

The benefits of working with a Filipino virtual assistant are clearly tempting, but it gets even better when you consider what they can offer you in terms of work. The most common tasks for a Filipino virtual assistant to turn their hands to are:

What Can a Filipino Virtual Assistant Do for You


Administrative Support:

Admin is an area where a Filipino virtual assistant can excel. Thanks to their extensive training and experience, they can quickly get to work on your administrative backlog. This could involve taking control of your appointment schedules, managing your emails, or even redesigning your digital filing systems. Whatever the admin requirement, you can guarantee that an established VA agency will find you a Filipino virtual assistant to make this a success.

Social Media Management:

Social media remains a crucial element of marketing in business, and it’s important you work with people who can harness its power. Luckily, the Philippines is well known for its love of social media, and this makes a Filipino virtual assistant the perfect addition to your team. By hiring one from a VA agency, a Filipino virtual assistant can run marketing campaigns across several platforms, ensure your accounts engage with their followers, and schedule posts in advance.

Content Creation:

If you want to engage an audience in 2024, you need to understand that content is still king. But content must be of a high standard to capture the imagination of potential customers. And this is what a Filipino virtual assistant can provide. Thanks to high levels of literacy in the Philippines, a Filipino virtual assistant can offer services such as writing blogs, crafting sales copy, and even editing existing content to optimize its engagement.

Customer Service:

A Filipino virtual assistant can handle customer service tasks such as responding to inquiries via email or phone, and providing these responses promptly and professionally. The skills are backed up by an excellent command of both written and spoken English. Therefore, issues such as missing orders, item inquiries, and refunds can all be taken care of by a Filipino virtual assistant. And as a business owner, you can be confident your customers are receiving the level of service they expect.

Bookkeeping and Accounting:

The Philippines is experiencing a rapid surge in the number of freelancers investing their talents in bookkeeping. And we all know how important bookkeeping is in business. This is why it makes sense to turn to a Filipino virtual assistant when your business needs help with bookkeeping and accounting. They have the skills to assist with reconciling accounts, preparing financial reports, and creating transaction categories to make your revenue flow easier to understand. The result is a series of smooth business operations which keep your finances healthy.

Multimedia Projects:

For a business to have a successful SEO strategy – the methods by which you entice visitors to your brand’s website – you need to embrace multimedia content. However, creating effective multimedia content isn’t something that just anyone can pick up. You need an expert. This is when you need the services of a Filipino virtual assistant. With Filipino graphic designers highly regarded in the industry, they can help bring logos, advertisements, and reports to life with their creative skills.

Online Reputation Management:

A Filipino virtual assistant can handle online reputation management by actively monitoring and responding to online reviews and feedback across platforms such as Google, Yelp, and social media. They can track brand mentions, gather customer feedback, and address negative reviews to resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction. By maintaining a positive online presence and engaging with customers, they help protect and enhance your company's reputation, which can boost trust and credibility.

A Filipino Virtual Assistant Remains the Future

If you choose to work with a Filipino virtual assistant, you should be in no doubt that you’re welcoming a hardworking and trustworthy individual. These are the staff members your team is crying out for, the ones who can bring you a wealth of benefits while tacking a never-ending range of tasks.

But to find the perfect Filipino virtual assistant, you first need to find the perfect VA agency. And you’ve already done that, as Pineapple is a virtual assistant hub with years of experience. Regardless of your requirements, we can find you that one in a million virtual assistant. With a Filipino virtual assistant costing only $8 per hour from Pineapple, we’re sure you’ll agree that we’re offering an amazing package. And remember, it’s $8 per hour with no contracts and no setup fees.

So, if you want to find out how a Filipino virtual assistant can take your business to the next level, just click here to start chatting with us.

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