Affordable Portable Power Stations for Freelancers 2023

Affordable Portable Power Stations for Freelancers 2023

Imagine, you have work to do on your laptop and then suddenly you experience a power outage. As virtual assistants, a good power source is important. You want to always be online especially if you work with a foreign client or company.

In the Philippines where power outages may occur frequently, a reliable backup source is crucial.

Portable power banks are great for those who have to move around a lot and need to charge their devices. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and they come with multiple ports that allow you to charge several devices at once.

Portable power stations can be used as emergency kits. You can use them during an earthquake or other natural disasters as well. Or when you go on a business trip or vacation.

There are many types of portable power stations available on the market today. So we've decided to create this list so that you can find the best one to suit your budget.

Best Work From Home Portable Power Stations


Best Work From Home Portable Power Stations

Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station 

One of the most effective portable power stations in the Philippines is the Bluetti EB55.

It is a must for anyone who wants to stay connected and powered wherever they go.

It can charge up to 5 devices concurrently thanks to its battery power. This means that devices will remain powered for a long time. 

It has a solar charging outlet which makes it ideal for camping vacations. The Bluetti EB55 is the ideal mobile power station thanks to its numerous connectors and clever safety measures.


The 168000mah battery capacity and cylindrical aluminum shell offer great power and a dependable source of power for your outdoor pursuits. For your outdoor travels, the Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station is the ideal travel buddy. 


It is expensive.

PHP 26,980

300ws 80000m Ah Outdoor Power Supply Quick charging Power Station Big Capacity with a flashlight

If you’re looking for a cheaper quick solution charging for smaller lower wattage, this nameless brand is an option. This is a quick fix to those that have a lower wattage need. 

Users say it's perfect for electric fans, lights, & laptops. It’s definitely a good buy if you don’t usually need to use a power station for 


It's perfect for its price.


The quality needs improvement


FlashFish Portable Power Station

The FlashFish unit is one of the best portable power stations in the Philippines.

Because of its versatile structure and excellent 40800mAh capacity.

It is the perfect battery for outdoor activities.

This generator is perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking that call for a steady power source. Its enormous capacity and solar power feature will keep you fueled even when you are miles from civilization.

Thanks to its power supply, you can be sure that everything is working. The FlashFish Portable Power Station is the perfect travel companion for your outdoor excursions.


It offers up to 151Wh of battery power and an AC PureSine Wave output for increased power efficiency.

It has:

  • two QC USB outputs,
  • one 5V/2A output,
  • 200W of continuous AC output
  • 300W of maximum output
  • it features two DC outputs for lamps, fans, and other devices.
  • This power plant contains a number of safety features
  • including an integrated Smart fan for heat dissipation,
  • short circuits,
  • overload,
  • over-temperature proof, and more.


Overall performance needs improvement.


Yoobao EN1 Portable Power Station

One of the greatest portable power stations in the Philippines is the Yoobao EN1 Portable Power Station. It has a large capacity of 46200mAh and offers speedy charging.

A LED light is another feature of this power source, making it ideal for outdoor activities like camping. You can be sure that you'll have the power you need when you're on the go with this portable power station.

The Yoobao EN1 Portable Power Station will give you the energy you need to keep your equipment running whether you're traveling, hiking, or camping. 


This power station is ideal for any on-the-go charging needs because it has a large capacity. Your devices will fast charge thanks to its Quick Charging technology as well. Given that it contains an LED light, it is perfect for any outdoor activities.


The cooling fan needs upgrading.

₱ 4,950.00

Promate 120 Portable Power Station

One of the most effective portable power stations in the Philippines is the Promate 120.

It has an astounding 38900 mAh battery capacity. Which is more than enough power to keep your gadgets operating at all times and in any location.

It is portable and lightweight, making storage and transportation simple.

Additionally, it has two AC outlets and two USB connections, allowing you to simultaneously charge up to four devices. You can quickly reach a full charge thanks to the battery's dependable and potent lithium-ion technology. It's the ideal option for charging your gadgets when you're out in nature, driving, or even during a power outage.

Therefore, don't be scared to obtain the Promate 120 Portable Electricity Station. You can have worry-free electricity whenever and wherever you need it.


With a lightweight build that won't take up much room, it was made to be portable. It is excellent for use indoors or outdoors because it is lightweight and silent. You can simultaneously charge several devices, ensuring that you always have the power you require.


The pricing is high for its quality.


Greenfield Portable Power Station

One of the best portable power plants in the Philippines is the Greenfield Portable Power Station.

You can effortlessly plug it in and access electricity wherever thanks to its potent 800-watt power inverter, which can create two universal AC outlets.

It is ideal for outdoor activities like tailgating and camping trips.

You can use it to power devices and small appliances in your house or place of business.

Your devices will continue to be connected and functional if you have a dependable and effective power source. For all of your portable power requirements, the Greenfield Portable Power Station is the ideal choice.

If power outages in your area don't linger all day, it won't be a big deal.


Best for outdoor activities and easy to use.


Its pricing is high. Its battery's capacity reduced to 20,000mAh is unappealing.


Bavin PS800 Portable Power Station

The Bavin PS800 is among the best portable power units in the Philippines.

Thanks to its remarkable capacity, it's perfect for outdoor travel.

The power station's design seeks to supply stable and effective electricity, you can relax knowing that your electronics will stay charged for your future journey.

  • It contains overcharge protection,
  • over-discharge protection,
  • a temperature management system,
  • and a low-voltage protection system to ensure the highest degree of safety and functioning.

With its cutting-edge technology, the Bavin PS800 Portable Power Station is the best choice for anyone looking for dependable power on the road.


It is extremely strong and can produce up to 800 watts. This power plant is perfect for travel, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It is designed to be lightweight and portable so you can carry it around and charge multiple devices at once.


It is expensive.


Orico PA500 Portable Power Station

There are several excellent portable power stations in the Philippines, but one of the best is the Orico PA500!

Wherever you travel, this robust 500W device will supply you with dependable, clean energy.

The Orico PA500 has you covered whether you're going on a road trip, camping in the woods, or need a dependable power source in an emergency.

This gadget is ideal for any outdoor excursion because to its durable construction, highly effective functioning, and integrated solar panel. This is the ideal power station for your next journey because it also has a USB connector for charging various devices. Prepare for exploration with the Orico PA500 Portable Power Station, the ideal energy source for travel.


This power station has an LCD, a lithium-ion battery, and it works with cellphone and laptop chargers. 

While you're out and about, it can supply enough juice to keep your laptop or cellphone operating. 


It cannot power 220V appliances


VANPA Portable Power Station 300W/600W

If you're looking for a solar power generator that is affordable, you need the Vanpa Portable Power Station. With 300W of power, a compact, lightweight design, and astonishing low, low prices, Vanpa easily outperforms its competitors. It is difficult to find another portable power station with 300W or even 600W of power, a sizable battery capacity, and prices that are half as high as their rivals.

If you buy from a vendor who gives a warranty, you can be sure that your items will be taken care of.

The Vanpa 300W Portable Power Station is a great option for picnics, camping, and last-resort use at home in the event of a power outage.

Turn on your portable fridge/freezer when you are on those long outings. By recharging your lighting system at night, you can maintain your campground well-lit. Even basic appliances could be charged to make your home more comfortable for you. The USB ports can be used to recharge the batteries for your phone, drone, or camera.

For as low as ₱4,800.00 to ₱25,500.00

Beston PS1000 Portable Power Station  

One of the greatest portable power stations in the Philippines is the Beston PS1000 Portable Power Station. It is the best option for outdoor activities and celebrations thanks to its 1000W power capacity.

Additionally, it has an embedded LED display that shows the battery levels, allowing you to readily monitor how much power is still available.

The Beston PS1000 Portable Power Station will keep you fueled up wherever you go thanks to its dependable performance and long battery life.


A long-lasting charge is guaranteed by the high-quality lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged via solar panels or AC power sources. With its streamlined and small size, it is simple to transport and store, and its ergonomic handle makes it ideal for carrying around in any setting. 


The cost is high.

14,990 -27,990

Final Thoughts: Best Work-From-Home Portable Power Stations in the Philippines

Before making a decision, it is important to research and take your needs into account. Because each portable power station has a different set of features and advantages.

Research the power stations you are interested in and make a choice on what to buy. There could be better deals on a different website for some of these portable power stations.

You could also check out our list of affordable laptops if you're looking for a new laptop for a doable price.


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