How To Get More Real Estate Clients

How To Get More Real Estate Clients

A successful real estate business will go from strength to strength, but the only way you can achieve this success is with clients. And the more clients you have, the better. Engaging with real estate clients and bringing them on board in such a competitive market, however, is far from easy. Therefore, understanding how to get more real estate clients is crucial.

This means you may need to re-evaluate your existing engagement strategies and incorporate new methods. While this may require a rebuild of your day-to-day operations, the long-term benefits are hard to argue against. All you have to do is know what the best methods are.

How Do You Engage with More Clients?

The benefits of knowing how to get more real estate clients are almost endless. Aside from the obvious financial upside, there’s also the fact that success breeds success, and it’s this form which will mark your real estate business out as an authority. Accordingly, it’s important you start adopting the following strategies into your business:


How To Get More Real Estate Clients


Foster genuine relationships:

Okay, you’re a business and, ultimately, a business is about making sales and clinching deals, but you need to be more than that. Your clients, after all, are real people and they need to feel appreciated and special. Taking the time to engage with clients will make a huge difference to your success.

So, for example, rather than going straight for the deal, make sure you start by engaging with your clients on a one-to-one level. Simply asking how their family are or how their business is doing will mark you out as a business who cares about their clients.

Cold calling:

There may be drawbacks to cold calling, due to its labor-intensive nature, and it may be perceived as old fashioned, but it’s a proven method for success. Not only does it provide a human connection between business and client, but it also allows your real estate team to communicate the value of your services. The benefits of cold calling are numerous so, as long as you develop the best techniques, you should find your customer base expands along with your opportunities for making sales.

Build a great website:

If you're in the real estate business, then you know it’s important to have a strong online presence. And that all starts with a website. Now, you may well have a website, but is it a great website? Your website is often the first point of contact that potential clients will have with your real estate business. And, in such a competitive market, it needs to stand out. Accordingly, you need to invest in a company website which is functional, contains the right features and, most importantly, allows clients to connect directly with you.

Embrace social media:

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and its phenomenal usage rates underline just how important it is to society. As a result, it has also emerged as a powerful tool for the real estate industry. Embracing social media platforms will allow your business to engage with potential clients, showcase your properties, and strengthen the identity of your brand. The social media audience is significant. The wonder of technology means it’s easier than ever to connect directly with this audience. Consequently, it provides a fantastic opportunity to develop new leads and generate sales.

Master email marketing:

When email marketing is done badly, it can come across as spammy and off-putting to potential clients. Therefore, you need to master email marketing. Rather than targeting everyone you can think of, instead focus your email strategies on clients who are more likely to engage with your marketing. So, concentrate your efforts on people who have signed up to your mailing list. And, don’t forget, your email marketing content needs to be more than just promotional. Give it more of a personal feel, such as a newsletter which, as well as new listings, also contains tips for clients.

Utilize your connections:

Everyone has a long list of connections, but not everyone realizes how useful these connections are. Throughout your day, you will interact with a wide range of people from fellow parents on the school run through to your neighbors and local businesses. And all these connections have the potential to open up your real estate business to a wider audience. This means that it’s important to nurture these relationships not just socially, but also with a business mindset. Do this right and you will quickly gain access to a whole new world of clients.

Advertise on other websites:

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only advertising on your own website. Instead, you should take full advantage of the numerous real estate listings websites such as Mashvisor, Crexi and Property Radar. All of these have proven track records in connecting real estate businesses with new clients, so aligning yourself with these websites is a no-brainer when it comes to generating more clients.

Always seek out testimonials:

A testimonial from a happy customer can do wonders for the perception of your business. By asking former clients to write a few sentences about the service you provided to them, you can demonstrate the level of service you offer. And, as these testimonials give a real-world glimpse into your business, they hold much more weight with prospective clients than self-promotional materials created by yourselves. So, get in touch with your previous clients and see if they are happy to write a few sentences about their experience to be published on your website.

Don’t forget to communicate:

If you want to know how to get more real estate clients, you need to understand the importance of excellent communication. After all, poor communication will paint your business in a bad light and lead to a failure in converting potential clients into paying clients. Perhaps the most important aspect of communication in business is promptness. So make sure incoming calls and emails are quickly dealt with. If you fail to impress a client with your communication skills, you can rest assured one of your rivals will swoop in quickly with their world-class communication talents.


Get Those Clients

It’s likely you now know how to get more real estate clients. But, making a success of this isn’t so straightforward. Burnout is a very real problem in modern business, and achieving everything we’ve discussed so far is going to push you beyond your limits. But, thanks to advances in technology, there’s now a solution: real estate virtual assistants.

These virtual assistants are available 24/7 and at highly competitive rates. So you can expect your productivity and cost savings to soar at the same time. However, where do you find real estate virtual assistants? Well, look no further as this is where Pineapple can save the day.

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