How to Be an Executive Virtual Assistant

How to Be an Executive Virtual Assistant

Thanks to remote working experiencing a boom in popularity, there’s never been a better time to become an executive virtual assistant. It’s an exciting opportunity and one which can instantly transform your working life. Aside from the numerous benefits on offer, there’s an enhanced career on offer due to the variety and flexibility available to an executive virtual assistant. As you’re only just at the investigative step of this new journey, we’re going to give you a helping hand by taking you through the principles of being an executive virtual assistant.

What is an Executive Virtual Assistant?

Pineapple has been working with virtual assistants for years, and this is why we’re able to offer exclusive access to best-in-class executive virtual assistants. But for those of you who have never worked as a virtual assistant, or for employees who have never brought one into their team, they remain somewhat of an enigma.

In the past, assistants traveled to their workplaces each day, tackling the never-ending onslaught of traffic and bad weather. And it worked. Businesses were able to deliver results and employees could build careers. But this didn’t mean it was the only way to operate. However, until the dawn of the 2010s, there was little alternative. And the thought of an assistant connecting to an IT infrastructure remotely was more or less impossible in any productive way.

Thankfully, internet technology was constantly advancing, and by 2010, the concept of virtual assistants was now a reality. Due to the speed at which vast amounts of data could now be transmitted over the internet, an executive virtual assistant could now match the capabilities and output of an in-house assistant. Performance issues with telecommunication software were now a thing of the past and large files could instantly be transferred over an internet connection.

So, all an executive virtual assistant needed was a PC, an internet connection, and an employee ready to give them access to their IT infrastructure. It was a perfect, modern solution. Employees no longer had to endure a daily commute, which saved them time and money, and employers could take on staff from anywhere in the world.

What Do Employees Get from an Executive Virtual Assistant?                       

You may be wondering what it is that employers get from working with an executive virtual assistant. And it’s a good question. After all, there must be a reason why employers choose to go with an executive virtual assistant over an in-house solution. The main reason why virtual assistants are now considered superior is due to the following benefits which are on offer to employers:

What Do Employees Get from an Executive Virtual Assistant

Cost savings:

Virtual assistants can deliver huge cost savings to their employers, up to 78% in operating costs over a year. As an executive virtual assistant will always be working on a contract through a VA agency, such as Pineapple, there’s no need for a client to shoulder the costs of sick pay, vacation pay, or pension contributions. Add into the mix that a virtual assistant provides all their own equipment, and it’s easy to see why they’re such an affordable solution.

24/7 Coverage:

Providing 24/7 availability to customers is the way forward for businesses in the 21st century. However, finding the staff to cover unsocial hours is difficult when they only have local staff to choose from. Luckily, an executive virtual assistant can be based in a completely different time-zone, making them perfect to fill those shifts which are more difficult for local employees. This guarantees a contact point at all times for customers.

Enhanced Choice:

In-house assistants are, due to travel needs, only ever available in the local area. And this seriously limits an employer’s choice when it comes to building a team. An executive virtual assistant can be based anywhere in the world, and this opens up a global pool of talent to employers. When you demonstrate your abilities as an executive virtual assistant, you will be partnered with an equally successful employer.


The flexibility of a remote assistant workforce is a key advantage, enabling businesses to quickly adjust their staffing levels based on demand. This scalability is particularly beneficial for handling fluctuating workloads, seasonal peaks, or project-specific demands. With an executive virtual assistant, organizations can scale their workforce up or down swiftly without tackling the complexities of contractual obligations or financial restraints. And, for a virtual assistant, this flexibility is highly empowering.

What Does an Executive Virtual Assistant Do?

For an executive virtual assistant, there are many niches and industries for you to start working in. As long as you’re professional and dedicated, you could easily slot into healthcare, multimedia design, or general business to name but a few. The main duties you can expect to take on are:

What Does an Executive Virtual Assistant Do

Scheduling and Calendar Management:

One of the duties most often delegated to an executive virtual assistant is scheduling. Businesses have busy schedules in the modern world, and keeping on top of these is crucial for success. Appointments need to be made in advance and reminders sent out, otherwise, these appointments can be missed. So, rather than disappointing clients and stakeholders, business owners are turning scheduling and calendar management over to executive virtual assistants.

Email Management:

With close to 4.5 billion people expected to use email in 2024, it’s clear that email remains one of the most popular forms of communication on the planet. This is why organizations need help when it comes to tackling their inbox. This is where you can step in as an executive virtual assistant. Organizing a busy inbox, creating categories, and ensuring emails get to the right person are some of the most common duties to take on when dealing with email management.

Social Media Marketing:

The importance of social media marketing in the modern business landscape can’t be underestimated. But business owners struggle to take on the responsibility of running multiple social media accounts. And this can impact the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. As an executive virtual assistant you will be doing multiple tasks such as scheduling social media posts, responding to replies, and growing your follower count.

Virtual Meeting Support:

Following the impact of the pandemic, there’s been a boom in remote meetings within business. This has led to an increased need for support when hosting and carrying out virtual meetings. Technical issues, for example, can always rear their head at the last minute, so it makes sense to have someone on hand to assist. An executive virtual assistant will be able to not only schedule and create virtual meetings, but also provide technical assistance e.g. helping attendees access the meeting.

Customer Support:

The most important element of any business is its customers, and they need to be made to feel special. And an executive virtual assistant is perfectly placed to provide this service. By utilizing listening and speaking skills, you’ll be able to calmly deal with customer requests and provide them with the solution they’re looking for. Better yet, you’ll be able to go above and beyond to provide a service they won’t find elsewhere. Customers will be retained, and the business will be able to thrive.

Project Management Administration:

Projects are vital for an organization to move forwards, but coordinating projects is almost a full-time position in itself. But you can help as an executive virtual assistant. You’ll be required to take on project administration duties, facilitate communication among the team members, and coordinate schedules to keep the project and its milestones on track. Ultimately, meeting the project deadline and providing a successful outcome will rely heavily on your efficiency and focus.

How Do You Become an Executive Virtual Assistant?

When it comes to starting a career as an executive virtual assistant you need to carefully consider the following:

Your Specialties: It’s important to weight up what your strengths and weaknesses are. If for example, you thrive upon administration duties, it makes more sense to pursue this niche rather than moving into graphic design. Once you’ve determined what your specialties are, you can begin to cultivate an idea of the businesses which are best suited to your abilities. This ensures that you can present yourself as the perfect fit for prospective employers.

Build Your Skills:

While you may feel as though you have an irresistible set of executive skills, there’s always room for improvement. And remember, you’re not the only executive virtual assistant out there, you’re going to have some fierce competition. So, you need to capitalize on your existing skills by building and enhancing them, along with learning new skills. This will put you in the perfect position to stand out and generate interest from clients. A VA agency can provide you with training and additional learning on different fields.

Join a VA Agency:

Being an executive virtual assistant gives you the opportunity to work for organizations all over the world. But making contacts outside of your local area is difficult. That’s why partnering with a reputable VA agency is the best way to start. These agencies typically have a strong online presence and contact books bursting with business contacts looking for virtual assistants.

Pineapple is the perfect example of a VA agency who can make the dreams of an executive virtual assistant come true. We're a VA agency that aims to equip our virtual assistants with multiple skill sets and knowledge. As we are dedicated to providing businesses all over the world with high quality staff, Pineapple is the place to come when you’re starting your virtual assistant journey. We have numerous contacts in all the major industries, and we want to add you to the pool of talent that they can choose from. Sound interesting? Of course it does! So, just click here to see what we can do for your career.

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